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Wire & Frame is a digital freelance practice specializing in creative research, tech support, along with web design and development. Run by Karina Pysz.

Based in Berlin


Finding Wire & Frame with Karina and then getting her onboard to work with us to launch and develop our education film platform was one of the best decisions we've made.      

Myatt & Co

Karina provides a service and technical support, second to none. Queries areanswered clearly and concisely and actioned and solved swiftly and efficiently.

Mary Myatt Learning

With the support and direction of Wire & Frame they have enabled us to fully explore andmaximise the internet platform that we use to host Myatt & Co and to grow the features we offer.      

Myatt & Co

I highly recommend Wire & Frame for any business looking to fully engage online with a quality website and platform.  

Fran Myatt
PA / Project Management
Myatt & Co ➝WebflowUSCREEN

Tech support, website design & development

Myatt & Co offers an excellent collection of CPD films and resources for professionals in the education field. As the brand expanded, the need to introduce a new refreshed look of the website arose.
NORLGN ➝Squarespace

Website design and development

Squarespace e-commerce website built for a Berlin brand NORLGN. Simplistic design highlighted merchandise with border blocks and minimal colour palette.

NORLGN Project Mockup
Huh Leaders ➝Webflow

Website development

Huh Leaders is a cohort based course on curriculum leadership: in conversation with John Tomsett and Mary Myatt.


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